Configuring reports in ScrumGenius

Configure a report in ScrumGenius

Report is the equivalent of a standup meeting; a scrum team (a subset of the larger team) will be scheduled to get a regular prompt asking them questions. When the members respond through their chat platform or via the web, the answers are collated in one report that is accessible through ScrumGenius' Dashboard, or via emailed summaries. 

ScrumGenius will have a number of pre-configured report templates created for you and ready to go under Reports. 

We recommend that you select the pre-configured report that best suits your needs. Otherwise, we have the option to build a customized report. To learn more about private reports, click here

Choosing your questions

Once you've selected your report, either pre-configured or customized, you will be directed to the first section: Questions.

Feel free to use the default questions that were pre-configured based on the selected report, or to go ahead and customize these questions to suit your team’s current project. You can also add new questions or switch the order of the questions.

Our tools give you everything you need to help struggling team members. Here are some more advanced features you can play with:

Adding members

ScrumGenius can support multiple reports within an account. The Members section shown below allows you to further consolidate different reports to smaller projects & scrum teams within your larger team.

ScrumGenius supports team members from different teams in Microsoft Teams, Slack or Email platforms! Mix and match away!

In Microsoft Teams, you can even run reports for members in different tenants - great for vendors and contractors!

Timezone customization

At this stage, we highly recommend that remote & WFH team managers customize the timezone of each team member. By default, all team members use the original timezone set on the report.

Go to Team Settings to configure the report so that everyone receives the standup questions and report summary in their local time. This feature reduces timezone-related project delays and boosts global communication.

Learn more about multiple timezone support and more best practices here.


Next, configure your schedule. This is where you choose which channel to send your report to in Slack or Microsoft Teams, and what days of the week the report is sent out.

A report can be configured to run daily or monthly:

  • Weekly option - Great for daily standups or weekly reports. 
  • Monthly option - Want to run a report a specific date of the month? This is the option you need!
  • Custom option - Trigger a report on multiple days of the month. This can be used for bi-weekly reports, monthly reports, and other end of the month retrospectives.

Notifications and Final Touches

To conclude your report customization, configure your notifications. This is where you choose how long the report is active for (pro tip: we recommend having a longer report period for teams in multiple timezones). 

Here's a breakdown of the options: 

  • Engagement Summary - This will enable ScrumGenius to collect all responses to the check-in and compile into a summary. The summary format can be grouped by question or by participant. Learn more here
  • When to send engagement summary - This is the period of time the report until the report summary email is sent out. 
  • Send summary to all participants - Enabling this option sends the summary report to every member of the report. Right above, external employees or stakeholders that are not part of ScrumGenius can be added to the summary report.
  • Channel to post responses - This is the channel on the platform such as Microsoft Teams or Slack to send your team responses to. 
  • Check-in notification preference - Select how your team members get check-in notifications for this report. Just through the chat platform? or email only? Or both? 

Additional Settings

Our tools give you everything you need to help struggling team members. Here are some more advanced features you can play with:

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