How can I customise the messages sent by ScrumGenius?

Do you want to customise the messages sent by ScrumGenius? This can be useful for non-english teams using ScrumGenius and to further personalise standups for your team.

We currently support the following messages to be editable

  • Broadcast title message
  • Broadcast message
  • First reminder message
  • Second reminder message

You can find these settings in your report configuration.

Default messages for each custom message setting

Broadcast title message
Here is {{team_name}}'s report for the report {{report_name}} on {{report_date}}

Broadcast message

I will post the reports as each team member gives their submission 
First reminder message
Please take a moment to check in and share your progress with the {{team_name}} team (ends in {{time_left}}) 
Second reminder message
The check in is almost over. Please submit your answers, before the team summary is sent out. {{time_left}}

We support the following dynamic attributes you can use

{{team_name}} - This is substituted with the name of your team

{{report_name}} - This is substituted with the name of the report

{{report_date}} - This is substituted with the current date the report (e.g. Oct 21)

{{time_left}} - This is substituted with the time left until the report ends and the email summary is sent out. This is only available for the reminder messages

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