Private Reports

How do I configure my private report?

First, go to Account Settings > Labs to find a list of all beta features available to you and your team. Enable private reports in just one click.

Once you've enabled the private reports option, you can choose to create a new report or convert an existing report to the private setting by checking the relevant box in Edit Report > Questions.

How does it work?

Once you save your report settings as shown above, your next asynchronous standup will be run privately. Usually, all standup responses can be viewed by fellow team members in the Dashboard.

This changes as follows:

  • With the private report enabled, each team member can only view their own responses and not others.
  • The team admins and report owner (person who created the report) can view all team members' responses on the Dashboard.
  • Note: report responses will stop being broadcasted to the team channel for privacy.

When to use private reports?

Use private reports when:

  • You want to check-in on your team members' physical & mental health.

    For example, during the COVID-19 crisis, checking regularly for symptoms and making sure employees don't overexert themselves mentally is important to organizational health.

  • You want to gather honest peer or management feedback from all team members.

    Team members may be reluctant to criticize their peers or share their opinions about management in public. Making your standup private can encourage team members to give their valuable insights regarding the team dynamic that you may not have known otherwise.

  • Some team members are working with sensitive information that shouldn't be known to the rest of the team.
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