Report dashboard

The Dashboard is where you can view and browse all standups submitted by your team members. It is one of the powerful features ScrumGenius has that enables you to get a quick bird's eye view of your team, alongside Search Insights and Team Activity.

It allows for viewing standup data in many different ways. You can group answers by the standup question, or even view the answers for a particular team member!

Each team member can access the ScrumGenius dashboard, for transparency purposes. This ensures that everyone is in the loop. When you connect your team to ScrumGenius from a chat platform (like Slack or Microsoft Teams) and assign them to a report, they will be able to sign in to their account and view the dashboard.

If Goal and Blocker tracking is enabled, the Dashboard automatically lets you view your team’s standup history, completed goals, as well as participation and blocker count. This is compared against the no. of team members to measure your team's standup performance and engagement. 

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