Broadcast formatting options

Note: this feature is only supported in Microsoft Teams.

Broadcast formatting options

The broadcast formatting option allows users to have the choice in how their team members' answers are displayed on Microsoft Teams. 

You have two choices: Threaded or Unthreaded. 

Threaded displays individual team members' responses separately. This allows other team members to comment on specific peoples' responses. We recommend this for a single team with a lot of members.  

Unthreaded displays a single team's response together in one condensed message. We recommend this for an organization with multiple different teams with fewer members each.

Note: the image below only displays one person. However, if a team with more than one person, all their responses will be displayed together. 

How to change your settings:

  1. Click on Reports 
  2. Click on Team Daily Standup 
  3. Click on Additional Setting
  4. Scroll down to Broadcast formatting
  5. Switch between Threaded and Unthreaded 

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