Report summary email

The report summary is an email summary of your team’s standups. It can be configured for each individual report and sent out to a list of people of your choice. This means you can send it to people who are not a part of your platform team or do not have a ScrumGenius account.

How does it work?

After your standup has finished (at a time configurable within your report), ScrumGenius will send a nicely formatted email to you and whoever you choose with everyone's standup responses for that day. 

Isn't it beautiful? It's not just that, it has form and function! 

  • We track metrics such as blockers, goal tracking, and your team's participation. We display these metrics when goal tracking is enabled.
  • Your standup answers are grouped by the report questions. We think this is much easier to understand and read.
  • The report summary looks great on all email clients, including old Outlook apps.

This is great to send to managers and other senior-level employees who will find a summary of the reports useful but do not need to participate in the standups directly.

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