Report summary email

The report summary is an email that can be configured for each report, to be sent out to an email list of your choice. These emails do not need to be part of your platform team or a ScrumGenius account. 

After your standup has finished (configurable within your report), ScrumGenius will send a nicely formatted email with everyone's responses for that day. 


Isn't it beautiful? It's not just that, it has form and function! 

  • Metrics such as blockers, goal tracking, and your team's participation. We display these metrics when goal tracking is enabled.
  • Your standup answers are grouped by the report questions. We think this is much easier to understand and read.
  • Looks great on all email clients, including old Outlook apps.

This is great to send to managers and other senior-level employees who will find a summary of the reports useful but does not need to participate all the time in the standups directly.

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