Team Activity tracking with project management tools

Note: We have since implemented a new check-in experience that allows users to embed smart URLs within their Scrum answers, including integrations with project management tools, which we strongly encourage you to use instead. Information about this can be found here. However, if your goal is to track team activity with project management tools in general without assigning to particular check-ins, continue below.

Team Activity Tracking

Many of our clients use ScrumGenius with other project management tools on a daily basis. We support integrations with many of the most popular platforms to bring extra context to your everyday. We hope this helps to bring together data from all your different tools and provide useful, contextual information to your team!

Dashboard showing individual member's work on other platforms:

You can view all this information in our Team Activity tab, where you'll be able to sort through your reports by individual team member, your integrated platforms, standup history, and much more!

Supported project management platforms:

JIRA, Github, and Azure Devops Boards and Azure Devops Repos.

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