Connect ScrumGenius to Zapier

Zapier allows you to connect ScrumGenius with hundreds of other apps via automated Zaps, so your standups can include more information and context than before. 

Connecting Zapier and ScrumGenius

To set it up, first visit the Services page in Team Settings in ScrumGenius, and copy the API key listed there under the Zapier section. This is your team's unique key that you will use to connect your Zapier account to ScrumGenius.

Connect Zapier to ScrumGenius

Click here to add the ScrumGenius app to your list of available Zapier apps.

Navigate to the Connected Accounts Tab on the Zapier home page. Click the Connect a new account dropdown and type in ScrumGenius.

Click ScrumGenius and a popup will appear where you will be able to paste your Team API Key:

That's it! You are done and ready to begin creating custom Zaps.

Supported Triggers:

  • A ScrumGenius report is run:
    When a report is sent out, either through the auto-scheduler or by a Manual run, this will be triggered.
  • New standup answer:
    When a team member submits their standup answers, this will be triggered.
  • A report is finished:
    When the report summary period ends, this will be triggered.
  • A report is sent to a member:
    This will be triggered for each report sent to a member.

Supported Actions:

  • Find incomplete check-ins:
    Returns a list of all members who have not submitted their standup answeres yet.
  • Add custom activity:
    Add custom activity to the ScrumGenius Team Activity section.

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