Checking in with your blockers

Blocker Tracking

Blockers are detected based on what is submitted in the third text field of the dialog box (e.g. did you have any blockers?).

Our system will recognize no blocker if you answer:

  • n/a or n\a
  • none or none.
  • done or done.
  • no or no. 
  • no obstacles
  • na or nei or noi 
  • nope or nope. 
  • not yet
  • no blockers 
  • none so far 
  • nada or nah 
  • zip or zero or 0
  • nothing
  • not at all
  • none at this point
  • none at this time
  • I don't think so

If what you enter is different from the list above, we will recognize that as a blocker and highlight it below your profile with a red x.

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