Ways to check-in to your standups in ScrumGenius

When it's time for your team to fill in your report, you will see a few different options for how you can check-in. This means you can fill in your reports in the way most convenient to you.


You can answer your report through chat platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. The ScrumGenius bot will begin asking you questions. From there, you just have to respond to the prompts the bot gives you and you're all set! 


ScrumGenius will also present a link to enter via the web - even if you're using a chat platform like Teams. You can fill a report out on your browser by clicking the Open Report in Web button and you will be taken to our website immediately. From there, you simply have to fill in all the fields and click submit answers at the bottom of the page. Learn more about web check-ins here


Each team member can also choose to receive their standup report via email as well. You can do this by changing the notification settings in My Settings

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