Getting started with Email

If your team doesn’t use any chat platforms, we also support email. Your team will receive their standups via email and can answer them from our web interface.

How to set up your team

Head to Setup and based on the Email platform you chose when signing up, you should see the following option below

Enter your team name and click the GO button. 

Next step: Adding team members

You will be added as a team member once the team is created. You will be directed to an onboarding page where you can invite your team members and learn more about ScrumGenius, as seen below:

To invite other team members, go to Team Settings and click Members. Click Invite Team Members to invite your team members in bulk. The invited team members will be added to your team and receive a notification in their email.

Learn more about adding team members to an existing ScrumGenius Email team

Learn more about our features:

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