Add a new team

Setup a new team on ScrumGenius

To setup a new team on ScrumGenius, click the team selector at the top righthand corner of the screen to open the dropdown menu.

Click + Add new team from the dropdown, and a new team will be created with a temporary name.

Connect the team on your platform with ScrumGenius

Microsoft Teams

  1. Install ScrumGenius as a tab (click the plus icon next to any channel name).
  2. ScrumGenius will send a private chat message to you.
  3. Follow the signup link while you are logged in and switch to the new team on ScrumGenius.
  4. ScrumGenius asks if you want to confirm the connection. Confirm and you are good to go.


  1. Go to Team Settings and you will see the platforms. Click the Slack section and it will expand. Click the Add to Slack button.
  2. You will be redirected to a page asking you for permission to connect with ScrumGenius app. Note: You will need to be an admin of the Slack group to add ScrumGenius.
  3. Press Authorize and you are good to go. You will be redirected back to ScrumGenius. 
  4. We will import all your team members from Slack into ScrumGenius and you can now create a report for your set of team members.

Cisco WebEx Teams

ScrumGenius currently is supported in the following types of room in Webex Teams:

  • Team member
  • Private Space
  • Subspace (a private space that is later added to a team)

How to install ScrumGenius

  1. Add the ScrumGenius bot as a member of your WebEx Team or Space. Either type in ScrumGenius or enter
  2. You should get a welcome message privately, follow the link and register an account. 
  3. Confirm the Webex team connection with ScrumGenius. 
  4. You should get a success message afterwards in Webex Teams.
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