Team sharing and access

Do you have multiple managers in your org, that manage their own team?

Empower them to lead and be responsible for their Teams output with ScrumGenius

ScrumGenius supports multiple teams and sharing between accounts. We recommend having one account that contains all the Teams. We like to refer to this as the billing account.

What to do on your billing account

  1. Ask your colleague to  create a free account at ScrumGenius. They do not need to set up any Teams or integrations.
  2. Make sure the team you want to share is currently selected from the header.
  3. Enter their scrumgenius account email address in the  Share team access field of the Team Settings page.
  4. You should receive a success message, saying the Team was shared with them.

What your colleague needs to do

Ask your colleague to log in to their account and the team you shared with them will appear with the team selector dropdown in the top navigation.

That's it!

Repeat these steps with as many managers and Teams as you like.

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