What is ScrumGenius?

What is ScrumGenius?

ScrumGenius is a chat platform integrated application that allows teams to perform virtual, asynchronous daily standup meetings. Instead of having teams meeting in real-time, users are prompted to enter their daily progress, blockers and plans at the beginning of their day. Once the entire team has entered their information (or the standup 'window' has closed), all responses are collated and played back to the entire team, either through emails or posting to Teams channels for scrum masters and leaders to review.

ScrumGenius helps you automate processes found in agile teams. You can configure ScrumGenius to run a daily stand-up, weekly check-in or create a custom report.

What does it do for your team?

It allows scrum masters and managers to make most efficient use of the members' time. By removing the need to meet or sync up at a certain time - which can be difficult for team members in distant time zones - it allows team members to continue to focus on their tasks, and send status when they have mental space. It also allows managers to have an automatic written record of plans for the day, and whether the members achieved what they wanted to. The summary reports also easily bring to light blockers faced by members of the team, allowing team leaders to see trends, and get involved faster to remove them.

Learn more about the best practices when implementing ScrumGenius.

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