Getting started with Slack

We have a really easy way for you to get set up with Slack.

Only the team leader needs to create an account with ScrumGenius. All other participants do not require an account and can submit answers without one.

Adding ScrumGenius to your team

ScrumGenius is available inside the Apps section of Slack. The Apps section is below Channels and Direct Messages on the left-hand side of the Slack window.
You can browse Apps by clicking the + to the right of Apps.

From here you will be able to type ScrumGenius inside of the search bar and click anywhere on the ScrumGenius App that shows up. 

From here you will be taken to the ScrumGenius App page where you can click the Install button to add the App to your team. 

After clicking install You will see a page asking for the permissions the bot uses. Click Authorize and you will be taken back to our site to link a ScrumGenius account to the App.

Permissions Breakdown

Here's what we use the permissions for

  • Access information about your public channels

    ScrumGenius uses this to get all the channels so that you will be able to add a channel for the app to post a report summary in.

  • View email address of people on your workspace

    ScrumGenius uses this to fill in the email address of your team members for you

  • Send messages as ScrumGenius

    ScrumGenius uses this to send messages to your team.

  • Access your workspace's profile information

    ScrumGenius uses this to fill in the names of team members for you.
    It will also use this information to help you by filling in some fields if you are signing up for ScrumGenius

If you do not already have a ScrumGenius account:

You will be taken to our signup page with some information already filled out for you. Just fill in the rest of the information and you'll be ready to go!

If you already have a ScrumGenius account:

If you are already logged in to ScrumGenius your team will be linked to the App right away. If you are not yet logged in, you will be directed to the signup page. At the top right of the ScrumGenius site, there is a navigation link to Login. Press the Login link and you will be asked to sign in. After signing in your team will be linked.

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