Getting started with Microsoft Teams

It's easy to get ScrumGenius set up with Microsoft Teams. Add it to your team and hold your first automated standup today to make your workflow more efficient.

Note:  Only the team leader needs to create an account with ScrumGenius. All other participants do not require an account and can submit answers without one.

Adding ScrumGenius to your team

ScrumGenius is available in the Microsoft Teams store

If you do not see ScrumGenius in your store, you will need to contact your IT admin team to request permission to have it added to your store. You can send them the following documentation Please contact our support team if you need help with setup.

ScrumGenius needs to be installed to each team you wish to use the service with. Each time ScrumGenius is added to a team, you will receive a direct message from the bot to continue connecting to our service.


If you did not get a direct message from the ScrumGenius bot, then you can try to uninstall it from the team, and reinstall it. If an issue continues, please contact us for help.

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