Checking in with Email

In this article, we'll walk you through the process of entering your standup check-ins via email. 

First, configure your ScrumGenius account to receive standup notifications via email under My Settings. You can choose to receive your report prompts through email exclusively, or get them in both your team's chat platform (e.g. Slack) and email!

At the scheduled report time, you'll receive an email from our bot prompting you to check-in. This is how it will look like in your inbox:

Click on the Check-in button sent to your email (of course), and you'll be taken to our patented web check-in! This is where you will be able to view past reports, format your standup answers, and bring in specific work items from connected integrations. Learn how our web check-in experience takes your asynchronous standups to the next level.

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