Web Check-in

Using our web check-in to fill in your ScrumGenius reports brings a whole host of benefits and functionality to your asynchronous standups. 

Goal Tracking and copying over previous answers

Our web app allows you to view your previous standup in the sidebar, and has a handy paste button so you can copy over your answer from the last check-in! This makes goal completion tracking even easier, as you can just hit "paste" and check the box to show that you completed the tasks you said you were going to do.

Learn more about goal & blocker tracking here

Formatting and Checklists

Under our web check-in, users can format their standups to give their report answers a little more context. Use header styles, bullets, and checklists to structure your standup report. This is especially great for teams who need to write more for their standups, such as weekly and biweekly sprint reports!

Smart URLs and Integrations Sidebar

While the Team Activity tab supports viewing integrations activity (such as Github commits or Clubhouse updates) for the entire team, our web check-in allows individual users to connect to their external accounts directly. This allows team members to search for specific tasks or work items across integrated platforms, and pull them into their report. 

As you can see below, this enables team members to talk about their tasks & work items more explicitly, as they can bring them up inline in the report text. This gives users individual control over what they're pulling into their standup reports. 

You can even add external links into your report text by clicking on the URL button in the formatting tool - bringing more work context to your standups.

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