Checking in with Microsoft Teams

This article explores how ScrumGenius users can check-in through our Microsoft Teams app. There are three methods of entering your status report when you use ScrumGenius in Teams: interactive chatbot, check-in via dialog, and a link that takes you to our feature-laden web check-in. 

We will walk through each of those in detail, so don't worry!

Interactive chatbot

ScrumGenius makes attending standups as easy as texting your friends. Simply respond to the 3 questions our chatbot DMs you on Microsoft Teams chat, and you'll be set. Our goal & blocker tracking functionality is built into the chatbot as well!

Check-in via dialog

If you prefer a little more structure to your report, you can click on the Check-in via Dialog button our bot sends you, and you will be able to see the following prompt in the Teams app:

Again, our goal tracking is built into this check-in method (peep the checkbox at the top), so you don't lose anything by choosing one over the other — it's merely a matter of preference!

Magic link to web check-in

Finally, the ScrumGenius bot will also present you with a link to enter your standups online, even if you're using Teams. Simply click on Open Report in Web, and you'll be taken to a secure page on our website to submit your standup report.

Our powerful web check-in experience allows users to pull work items from integrations (like Github commits) into their standup reports, among other useful features such as smart URLs and high-level formatting. Learn more about web check-ins with ScrumGenius here.

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