Getting Started with Webex Teams

Add the ScrumGenius bot to your Cisco Webex Teams team today. Hold your first standup to boost your team's productivity and achieve your best possible workflow.

ScrumGenius is currently supported in the following types of rooms in Webex Teams:

  • Teams
  • Private Spaces
  • Team Spaces (private spaces later added to a team)

How to install ScrumGenius

  1. Add the ScrumGenius bot as a member of your WebEx Team or Space. Either type in ScrumGenius, or enter
  2. You should get a welcome message privately. Follow the link and register an account. 
  3. Confirm the Webex team connection with ScrumGenius. 
  4. You should get a success message afterwards in Webex Teams.

You can message the bot and get help on using ScrumGenius with the following:

@ScrumGenius help
@ScrumGenius hi 
@ScrumGenius hello

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