Getting Started with Webex Teams

Add the ScrumGenius bot for your team

ScrumGenius currently is supported in the following types of room in Webex Teams

  • Team member
  • Private Space
  • Subspace (a private space that is later added to a team)

How to install ScrumGenius

  1. Add the ScrumGenius bot as a member of your WebEx Team or Space. Either type in ScrumGenius or enter
  2. You should get a welcome message privately, follow the link and register an account. 
  3. Confirm the Webex team connection with ScrumGenius. 
  4. You should get a success message afterwards in Webex Teams.

You can message the bot and get help on using ScrumGenius with the following:

@ScrumGenius help
@ScrumGenius hi 
@ScrumGenius hello

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