Checking in with Slack

This article walks you through entering your ScrumGenius check-ins via Slack! If you haven't connected your ScrumGenius account to your Slack workplace yet, check out this article.

Interactive chat

ScrumGenius makes standup meetings as painless as texting your friends. When the time comes to submit your standup report, our Slack chatbot will DM you a prompt, which you can answer by replying in chat.

Here's how a daily standup meeting looks like when held over Slack:

Web check-in

If you prefer a little more structure to your standup reports, you have the option of entering your standups online, via our web check-in. Our Slack chatbot will DM you all the same, but instead of answering it in the Slack app, you would click Open Report in Web, which will take you to a secure browser page immediately.

There, you can submit your standup reports while pulling in work items from connected integrations (e.g. Github commits), among other useful features such as inline smart URLs and high-level formatting — great for teams who need a longer report from their members! Learn more about web check-ins with ScrumGenius here.

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