Logging Into Your Account

How to Log In to Your ScrumGenius Account

Logging into ScrumGenius is the first step in setting up your account, and there are several different ways to do it. The features you can access once you have done this will depend on your role in the team.

Requesting a magic link

Every time you submit a standup, the ScrumGenius bot will send you a magic link that will allow you to access your reports. Click on this link or request a new one to login to our website. To read more about magic links, go to our magic link support page.

ScrumGenius Magic Link

Email invite

You may also be invited to your new ScrumGenius team by email invite. This will allow you to set up your account and personalize it.

email invite

Setting up an account from scratch

Finally, if you’re an admin setting up your ScrumGenius team yourself, you can set up your team through the login button on our website. Then you can create your team from scratch however way you like and add whoever you want.

What you can view

When you first log into ScrumGenius, you may find that your app dashboard looks different than you expected it to. What you can see in your dashboard depends on whether you are a team member, part of the report, or a team manager. Here are the main differences.

Team Member Not Assigned to Report

If you are a part of a team but not a part of a report, you will be able to see the team you have been added to in the Team Dashboard, but can’t add to the standup yet. Only two tabs will be visible to you: Team Dashboard and My Settings.

We’ve already gone over the Team Dashboard, but we haven’t discussed My Settings yet. My Settings allows you to set your own personal settings, like custom time zones, vacation dates and notification preferences.

Team Member Assigned to Report

This category is very similar to the “Team Member Not Assigned to Report” one; the only difference is that you can add to the standup and update your answers.


Managers can access the Reports, Team Settings and Team Activity Tabs.

Under Reports, managers can view, edit, add and delete their team’s reports. This includes updating report questions, adding or removing team members from the report, and changing the report schedule.

In Team Settings, you can view all team members and their time zones, add team hashtags and update your data retention policy.

Lastly, you can view the activity of your entire team all together in Team Activity. This includes standup answers and updates and data from any external integrations connected with ScrumGenius. 


Admins have the largest range of functionality. On top of the features managers have available to them, admins also have the ability to add people to a report via a dropdown under their team’s name and view the billing history for their team.

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