Search Insights

View the data for different reports in the Reports tab, click on team members in the Dashboard to understand each member's workflow more thoroughly, or do all of that at once by using our powerful Insights search and filtering capabilities!

On ScrumGenius browser, select Insights on the right hand side tab.

Within Insight, you can select from on the drop-down menu on the right hand side to filter results based on time frame (ie. Last 14 days), which reports (ie. Team Daily Standup), which members, and what statuses (ie. whether update has been checked-in or not, or a goal has been completed or a blocker has been reported). Moreover, you can also search for specific keywords within entries as well.

On the left hand side, you can see the overview of participation, goals, and blockers, as well as other information, based on your chosen filters.

Export feature

If you would like to export the results in an Excel sheet, you have the option to do so be selecting Export on the right hand side. You will receive an email with an Excel sheet, similar to below:

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