Purchase ScrumGenius through Microsoft AppSource

Did you know you can purchase ScrumGenius through your Office 365 subscription or Azure subscription? 

ScrumGenius on AppSource

Up to now, you could only pay for ScrumGenius with our payment provider Stripe. As of June 2020, we have partnered with Microsoft to allow for ScrumGenius license to be payed and managed through your existing subscriptions and payments via Microsoft.

AppSource is a feature from Microsoft where users can explore and trial applications that enhance your business whilst Azure Marketplace is built for the cloud. With ScrumGenius as a Microsoft ISV partner, we are working together with Microsoft to bring you our ScrumGenius service to a wider Microsoft Teams audience!

ScrumGenius is now on AppSource & Azure Marketplace!

ScruGenius on Azure Portal

ScrumGenius on Azure Marketplace

ScrumGenius on AppSource

Purchase and Setup Guide

Visit ScrumGenius on AppSource


On the next screen, select the plan and number of seats you wish. If you are not sure, select with a reasonable amount (such as the number of members of your pilot team who wish to use ScrumGenius). You can upgrade seats easily later.

Click Place order and then wait for the next screen to finish processing the order.

Click Configure now and you will be taken to the ScrumGenius portal to activate your subscription

At this point, the next step might be different depending on if you have a ScrumGenius account already and wish to activate your subscription with that, or create a new account to activate.

For new accounts:

1. Click Sign up with Microsoft, and follow the instructions.

2. After you created an account, you will be taken to the billing dashboard where you will be able to review your activated seats.

For existing accounts:

1. Login to your ScrumGenius account, either through Microsoft or Email.

2. Click the Configure now button you were presented after purchase on AppSource. If you lost the tab, you should receive an email in a few minutes asking to configure your purchase with the same link.

3. You will be redirected to a page, that will ask if you wish to manage the ScrumGenius account licenses through Azure and wish to activate your subcription. Click Confirm and activate.

4. After success, you will be redirected to a billing dashboard which confirms the number of seats you have purchased. You can also view it anytime at https://app.scrumgenius.com/billing

Assign Licenses

1. Follow the Connect your platform menu link in the billing dashboard or visit https://app.scrumgenius.com/setup/ for instructions on how to connect Teams

2. Add ScrumGenius to Microsoft Teams and connect a team from Microsoft Teams to your ScrumGenius account.

3. Assign users to a report to consume licenses.

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