Annotating your check-in with Microsoft Planner Tasks

Connect to Microsoft Planner

After following the steps outlined here, select to connect beside Microsoft Planner.

You will then be redirected to the below page, specifying the access ScrumGenius will have to your Microsoft account. Sign in and Accept permissions.

Once all steps required to connect to Microsoft Planner has been completed, you will return to the webpage showing all the different project management tools. As show below, under Microsoft Planner, it will show that you have now been connected, indicated by the green dot on the right side. You may choose to disconnect from Microsoft Planner at any time by selecting disconnect.

Annotate your check-in with Microsoft Planner Tasks

When you go to complete your check-in, on the right hand side under Tasks & Activity, Planner will now be listed. Click show and select the assigned tasks you wish to reference in your check-in response, as shown below:

Note: to make sure your desired tasks from Planner show up on ScrumGenius, make sure your tasks have been assigned to you on Planner.

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