Purchase options for ScrumGenius

ScrumGenius is designed for companies of all sizes to use and procure our services. 

If you are part of a small company, most likely you may have access to a credit card you can use already and you will be able to use our checkout process to start your subscription. 

For larger companies, you may need to use an external procurement provider or request CC access from your finance team, or need to give access to ScrumGenius to complete the purchase process. We do support all these scenarios and we will outline them below, so you can take the steps that suit your company. 

Request a quote for our services

Need to get a written quote to get your Purchase Order approved? Contact us and let us know the number of seats you wish to purchase and the plan you wish to use. We will provide a PDF quote, and provide options to purchase our services. 

Purchase through your corporate credit card

There are two methods to provide a way for an employee of your company to enter the CC details and start the purchase.

Invite your colleague as a Billing Owner. 

You can do this action from the Account Settings page if you are the Account Admin. Learn more about the roles and permissions here. This user will only have access to the billing page. They can log in to their account, and start the purchase process. After payment is confirmed, the account will be upgraded automatically. After making the initial purchase, an Account Admin can make upgrades or downgrades.

Provide a secure payment link

As an Account Admin, you can start the checkout process. By selecting the plan and the payment period (monthly or yearly), and clicking the Subscribe button. You will be taken to our payment provider page. This is a unique URL secured signed for your account, and you can  safely share this URL privately with your college with CC details. They can visit the page to enter the billing details. For security purposes, this link will only be valid for 24 hours. If the link is expired, you can visit the billing page and click Subscribe to generate a new link. When your colleague completes the payment details, and the payment is confirmed by our payment provider, your account will be upgraded automatically. After making the initial purchase, an Account Admin can make upgrades or downgrades.

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