Why are my team members not getting any messages or reports?

ScrumGenius needs to be installed to each team you wish to use the service with. Each time ScrumGenius is added to a team, you will receive a direct message from the bot to continue connecting to our service.

If you do not see ScrumGenius in your store, you will need to contact your IT admin team to request permission to have it added to your store. You can send them the following documentation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-app-permission-policies. Please contact our support team if you need help with setup.

I am getting messages from ScrumGenius, but not my team members

This happens if there is a permission issue that is preventing ScrumGenius from messaging your team members. This usually means that ScrumGenius may not have permission to interact with team members in that team, or it has been disabled by IT admins.

The IT admins have to implement in Teams what is called App Permission Policies. This is a fairly new feature, but through them you can control which apps are made available to staff. By default, your company may choose that all third party apps are blocked and only those we specify are allowed.

A custom app permission policy can be created, that allows ScrumGenius to be seen and interact with the bot. This should be assigned to each user or an Office 365 group that wishes to interact with the bot.

For more details please send your IT admins this documentation on Microsoft - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-app-permission-policies

Some of my team members have blocked the bot, how do they unblock?

Select the three dots that appear next to the ScrumGenius bot, and select the  Unblock bot conversation option. Note, you may need to relog for this to take affect.

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