Create a standup

ScrumGenius is a team management software, which helps teams communicate better processes. Such an automated stand-ups. To learn more about agile and standups, click here.

The stand-up report is meant for quick feedback from your team. Most of our customers implement stand-up reports in order to track the daily progress of their team.

When you create an account with ScrumGenius, we create a standup report for you called "Daily Standup". 

Here's the basics of the report configuration:

  • Questions you want to ask your team members. 
  • Click the time on the right to set your schedule for the standup. Don't forget to also select the timezone. 
  • Set the days it will be run, such as Weekdays or Every Monday etc.
  • Add members of your team who should receive the standup, under "Report Members"
  • Don't forget to enable the report. 
  • Set your report channel which updates are broadcasted to. 

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