COVID-19 Response: Discount Prices and Extended Trials

New in March 2020, ScrumGenius is making this special offer available in response to the increased need for employees to work from home (WFH) in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

COVID discounts for 3 months to provide financial relief for your business. See below for details.

Our responsibility to help during the crisis

In the face of recent updates on COVID-19 being declared a pandemic it is imperative that everyone keeps themselves and their loved ones safe.

We hope our product helps transition their teams into their new WFH policies. Our customer success team is here to help with any on-boarding for new teams joining during these stressful times and any other questions you may have.

It’s our mission to empower everyone at work to communicate more effectively wherever they are. While ScrumGenius is used daily by all kinds of people and teams, not just the remote and distributed kind, our product is particularly useful to people who, for whatever reason, can’t be in the same room or meet face-to-face regularly.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to a dramatic surge in the number of people working remotely — many of them forced. Like other software products that are especially useful for remote work and asynchronous communication, we’ve seen a sudden and dramatic increase in usage where schools are closing, in-person events are canceled, and businesses are asking employees to work from home.

To us, these recent trends make it obvious that we must take action.

What we are changing to help

Starting now and until the dust settles for managing this pandemic, we be offering discounts and extended trials to qualified organizations signing up for our service. 

Through July 1, 2020, ScrumGenius will:

All discounts will be in effect for the next 3 months from the date of being applied

If you already have an account, please contact from that email in the contact form, or let us know if you do not have an account yet.

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