Microsoft Teams Poll Command

With the /poll command, you can create and run custom polls for your teams in Microsoft Teams!

Note: Only team managers and admins can run the /poll command.    

Managing Polls

You can create a new poll with:
/poll new "Poll Question" "Option" "Another Option"
/poll create "Poll Question" "Option" "Another Option" 

You can create as many options as you want; just make sure they are surrounded by quotes and the options are separated by a space.

You can run an existing poll with:
/poll start "Poll Question"
/poll run "Poll Question"

You can delete an existing poll with:
/poll delete "Poll Question" 
/poll remove "Poll Question"

You can see this information at any time with:
/poll help

Here's what the command /poll create "Example Poll" "Hello" "World" will post to the channel the command is run in:

Clicking Vote will open up a choice selection where the user can select the option they want to vote for and press Submit Vote

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