Hashtags can be used when entering the standup answers either from the web interface or from your platform's chat interface.

When hashtags are used in answers, ScrumGenius will automatically link that member's entry to the hashtag so all entries containing certain hashtags can be viewed together.

You can find Hashtags under Team Settings:

Just click add to create a new Hashtag!

When your team members enter their standup responses from their chat platform or on ScrumGenius's platform, they can use the hashtag in their answers. ScrumGenius will automatically link the member's entry to that hashtag.

To use an existing hashtag, just type it in any of your answers and you're all set!

It will appear highlighted in blue in your response on the Dashboard:If you click on the blue highlighted hashtag (i.e. #design), it takes you to the report with all the #design tags:

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