Manage team hashtags

Using hashtags

Hashtags are a useful way for teams to organize their reports by linking certain answers or team members so they can be viewed together later. 

Use hashtags for specific projects, team members and teams to stay on top of everything that's happening in your team. Hashtags can be used by team members when they are entering answers from the web or their chat platform.

Managing hashtags for your team

Hashtags can be found in Team Settings under the Hashtags section.

  1. Here, you will be able to view, add or delete hashtags for your team.
  2. To add new hashtags, simply enter your chosen hashtag and then press Add.                                                                                                    Note: hashtags should only contain letters with no spaces or numbers. 
  3. You should see your new hashtag appear on the page, alongside all your current hashtags!

Using and reviewing hashtags

When your team members enter their standup responses from their chat platform (e.g. Microsoft Teams & Slack) or through our web platform, they can use team hashtags in their answers. ScrumGenius will automatically link the member's entry to that hashtag.

It will then appear highlighted in blue in your response on the Dashboard:

If you click on the highlighted hashtag (#client in the above example), it takes you to all your team members' reports with client tags, allowing team leads & managers to keep track of all client interactions! 

Replicate this process using other important functions your team performs, such as #design or #presentation, and you'll be able to organize and review meeting reports much more efficiently than before! 

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